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Sponsorship money

Try to keep good records of all sponsorship money coming in. An easy way to do this is by downloading a sponsorship record/pledge form from the Snowdon 500 web site.

Many Snowdon 500 participants have made use of Virginmoney giving as a way of raising sponsorship via on-line donations. By using thi site you will be able to set up your own personal web page (or a page for your team) making it easy for your sponsors to make on-line payments by debit or credit card with the money going directly to the Prostate Cancer Research Centre. In addition Gift aid is automatically processed on behalf of eligible sponsors who are UK taxpayers. This provides the charity with an additional £25 for every £100 donated.

Try to get any sponsorship money up front to avoid having to chase it at a later date.

Gift Aid

Ask sponsors or donors to sign up for gift aid if they are basic or higher rate taxpayers. All you need is a record of their name and address, but please write the details clearly because if the name and address details are unreadable the charity will not be able to claim the gift aid. In 2008 and 2009 more than £10,000 in gift aid could not be claimed by PCRC because the name and address details were either incomplete or illegible. A claim for Gift Aid means that for every pound donated PCRC can claim an additional 25p back from the tax man. In practice, this means that £250 raised by you could potentially be worth £312 to the charity.

If your sponsor or donor is a higher rate taxpayer they can claim back the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40 per cent and the basic rate of tax at 20 per cent on the total value to the charity of their donation. They will be able to make their claim on their annual self assessment tax return.

How should the funds I raise be paid to the Prostate Cancer Research Centre?

Cheque1. Send a cheque(s) for the amount you have raised together with your completed sponsorship forms to:

Snowdon 500 or Welsh 3 Peaks

Prostate cancer Research Centre

Britannia House

7 Trinity Street

London SE1 1DB

Please note your Registration Number on the reverse of all cheques you send and write "Snowdon 500" or "Welsh 3 Peaks" (depending on which event you took part in) on the bottom left of the envelope enclosing your sponsor5ship forms and cheques.

2. Create a Virgin Money Giving Page

If you already have a Virgin Money Giving account − sign in with your security details

What if I am unable to take part on the day but would still like to support the event by making a donation?

You can send a cheque to the Research Centre at the address in (3) above or make a donation on line by going to PCRC´s own web site and selecting "Donate"

Fundraising Tips

The first essential thing you need to do for a successful fundraising effort is to tell EVERYONE you know about the event and ask for their support. It helps to tell them why you are taking part and fundraising i.e. you may be diagnosed with cancer yourself or directly / indirectly connected to someone suffering from cancer or you may simply want to take up the Challenge to support what is a very worthwhile cause.The next thing is to advertise and promote the event as widely as possible − you could for instance try to get an article in your staff magazine or newsletter/website, tell all your workmates and managers about the event, even if they work in different departments and offices, or ask your suppliers to support you.

Any other ideas or suggestions you have please let us know and we will publicise them.

How to get local press coverage

Your fundraising efforts could be helped if you get some coverage in your local press, so why not contact your local newspapers and tell them about the Snowdon 500 Challenge or the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge and what you (or your team) are doing. For help and advice with this please click here

Supporting the Snowdon 500 and Welsh 3 peaks challenges.

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