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How fit should you be to climb Mt Snowdon?

Snowdon is the highest mountain in England & Wales and climbing it is a serious proposition especially when weather conditions are not favourable. The routes we use (Pyg Track, Miners Track and Llanberis Path) are steep and rocky in places and involves a 4 mile walk up to the summit and a 5 mile hike Back down to the finish. Getting up to the top and back down can take anything (from 4 hours (very fit) to 7 hours (quite fit) with the average ascent and descent taking about 6 hours.

The Snowdon 500 Challenge is not a race and we encourage everyone to walk at a comfortable pace, take rest stops when required and enjoy the fantastic scenery. This charity Challenge event can be attempted by anyone of reasonable / average fitness and has been successfully completed by almost all age groups from 7 years old (our youngest participant was just 5 years 11 months old and we have had many older participants aged in their 60‘s, 70‘s and even 80‘s successfully complete the challenge.


Adequate physical preparation in the weeks and months leading up to the event is important get you into reasonable shape (a) to tone up leg muscles (b) improve aerobic capacity and (c) improve stamina. A little effort beforehand will help make sure you complete the challenge successfully and just as important greatly enhance your enjoyment of the day.

We therefore recommend a plan of exercise that gradually increases fitness levels.

Medical Advice

Getting fit for the Snowdon 500 Challenge will be beneficial to your general health and wellbeing but If you have any existing medical conditions or concerns about your ability to tackle the Snowdon 500 Challenge we would advise you to have a word with your Doctor.

Supporting the Snowdon 500 and Welsh 3 peaks challenges.

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