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The Prostate Cancer Research Centre Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge 2017

Saturday 13th May & Sunday 14th May 2017

The Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC) − Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge involves climbing 3 of the most iconic mountains in Wales. The mountains are:-

South Wales Pen Y Fan at 886m / 2907 ft.
Mid Wales Cadair Idris at 893m / 2930 ft.
North Wales Snowdon at 1085m / 3560 ft.

The Challenge takes place over the weekend of Saturday 7 May and Sunday 8 May 2016. It starts with an ascent of Pen Y Fan early on the Saturday and then moves on to mid Wales to Climb Cadair Idris before arriving at Llanberis in North Wales by late Saturday afternoon or early evening. After a good nights rest Mt Snowdon is tackled early on the Sunday morning and at this point integrates with the traditional Snowdon 500 Challenge which will be taking place at the same time.

Pen Y Fan Cadair Idris Snowdon

What does the Challenge involve

The cumulative effect of 2864m (9397 ft.) of ascent and descent and about 35km (20miles) of walking plus 180 miles of driving makes this a demanding and arduous Challenge that should not be underestimated. Completing the Challenge successfully will require participants to have  confidence in their levels of personal and physical fitness as well as the experience to safely navigate both ascent and descent routes on the mountains. We will however have teams of experienced mountain leader / safety marshals deployed on each of the 3 Peaks to provide help and support where needed.

Quite apart from ascending and descending each mountain, participants will have to plan their arrival at the start point for the ascent of Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons and the onward driving routes to Cadair Idris and finally to Llanberis. The typical average driving time from Pen Y Fan to Cadair Idris is around 2.5 hours and a further 1.5 hours to reach Llanberis. The Challenge is not a race and it´s important that drivers do not exceed national speed limits at any stage and drive carefully at all times.

For most hill-walkers fatigue will set in on the final stages of each mountain descent so it is highly advisable that both individual participants and teams have at least one non-climbing / support team member to undertake all the driving duties and to organise refuelling, food and drink stops. This allows the walker(s) to rest and recover between mountains.

It is almost impossible to define "average" times for climbing the mountains because it depends so much on individual experience, and fitness as well as weather conditions on the day and these can vary from one mountain to another. But as a very rough guide, good times for fit walkers would be somewhere in the region of:-

Pen Y Fan 2.5 hours
Cadair Idris 6 hours
Snowdon 5 hours

Fit and determined walkers may be able to achieve better times and others may take longer than the average times quoted but for planning purposes these timings are at least realistic. And of course it´s important to remember that the PCRC − Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge is not a race − there are no prizes for being the fastest.

Support and Information

All participants in the PCRC Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge will be provided with a comprehensive Information & Support Guide to help you plan ahead for the Challenge and includes durable laminated mapping for each of the 3 peaks to aid navigation for ascent and descent routes.

We recommend that participants take part as a team where possible but individuals may also take part providing they are fully confident in their fitness and ability to solo this difficult and arduous Challenge.

The main purpose of this Challenge event is to raise funds for prostate cancer research so by taking part you must also undertake to raise sponsorship funds for the Prostate Cancer Research Centre and aim to raise at least £250 per person.

Supporting the Snowdon 500 and Welsh 3 peaks challenges.

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